Online Home Ed classes to make learning fun, interactive and affordable

I set up Learn Laugh Play (which was originally called Home Ed Fun) because as a former primary school teacher and home ed mum, I am passionate about providing courses that children look forward to attending each week because they are fun.  My initial goal was to help home ed children want to learn and to feel like they are part of a positive learning community. Having realised just how much children love learning and enjoy learning with the Learn Laugh Play method, I then started to offer the exact same courses after school, so that I could offer school attending families the same relaxed creative learning environment as Home Ed children get in the morning courses.

Cost is an important part of Learn Laugh Play as well.  All of the courses cost £2.50 per week per family/household except GCSE classes where the extra workload on the teacher means that we have to charge £5 per student.  I believe that the sessions provide great value for money.  As well as the sessions which vary in length from 40 to 50 minutes, you also receive all necessary resources and  suggested optional activities which your child can choose to do if they want to in between sessions.  It is amazing how many children do these activities when they are told that they don’t have to! 

With younger and less confident children, Learn Laugh Play classes provide a positive and fun shared experience for parent and child.  Because it is not you (the parent) giving instructions, you can just relax and enjoy sharing the experience with your child.  He/she probably won’t refuse to do what you say, because the teacher is asking – not you!  As they see other children taking part, children tend (no promises!) to want to join in too.  Having said that, all of the sessions are about feeling comfortable and building confidence.  There is no stress to perform or judgement.  Children learn because they are having fun. 

Older and more confident learner are often keen to work independently through the sessions (and may even send you away!)  The atmosphere is fun and social, and all of the children taking part produce fantastic work!   The older children enjoy using the ‘chat’ function to share answers and ask questions as well as support and encourage each other.

It is very difficult to describe Learn Laugh Play sessions – they are a completely unique mix of lesson and fun and presentation and parent/child interaction (for the younger children).   I recommend you book a session and try it for your child.  If you are not sure, I would recommend you sign up for the weekly subscription.  It takes a minute to set it up and if, after your first class, you decide it isn’t right for your child, you can cancel your payment in your account on our website, so if your child only attends one lesson, it will only cost you £2.50.

We would love to be a part of your child’s learning experience and support you in this important job of making sure your child is a happy confident learner. If you have any questions, send us a message.