LLP and the Schools Bill

The Schools Bill Most of you will have heard of the government’s proposed Schools Bill which is currently being discussed in the House of Lords. It suggests many changes for children’s education and amongst other things, proposes compulsory registration for Home Educated children. LLP is against the compulsory registration for Home Educators and feels that […]

Female Form

Child’s name: Heidi Name of course: Exploring Art Feedback from family: “Heidi is learning more about the human form, she has been practicing and was particularly proud of this one.”

Lego Mindstorms furniture factory

Child’s name: Arthur Name of course: STEAM Feedback from family: “I’m very proud of my Lego furniture factory. The programme still has a few bugs, but I think with a little time and determination I can work them out. I also hope to inspire others to express their ideas through engineering.”

Spanish Omelette

Child’s name: Lamia B Name of course: Beginners Spanish Feedback from family: “Rayyan really loved making tortilla and said it tastes delicious. Thank you”


Child’s name: Maddie Name of course: Exploring Science Feedback from family: “Maddie loved this class, thank you.”


Child’s name: Alejandro Lagos Name of course: Becoming an Artist Feedback from family: “Monoprinting was tough but Alejandro adapted things and persevered until it paid off with these great prints!”

Outfit for Pride design

Child’s name: Ruby Price Name of course: LGBTQ+ Book Club Feedback from family: “Everyone loved this model in class.”

Home Education – advice and support

Home Education – getting advice and support Now I am officially Home Educating where can I go to for advice and support? Since starting Home Education we have found so many different websites and official forums to support our Home Educating journey both for legal advice and ideas/ projects! There are so many out there, […]


Deregistering from school  If you have decided that Home Education is the best option for you and your child, you are probably wanting to know – what do I need to do next?! For those who decide to home educate from the beginning there is nothing you need to do and no one you need […]

Thinking of Home Educating your child?

Home Education UK

Thinking of Home Educating? After two years of lockdowns, we talk to many families who report to us that children who had been suffering with anxiety, bullying and other issues in school, noticeably blossomed when lockdowns meant them not having to attend school. Perhaps this is the reason why more and more families are now […]