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IGCSE Double Science (EdExcel)

10 - 16 years old

A little info about this class...

Study for Double Science IGCSE exams aiming to sit them in one or two years in a relaxed and fun way. This course is for students aiming work on skills to achieve grades up to 6. All of the content will be covered through interactive and interesting lessons where learners can deepen their understanding of the world around us through the study of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The teacher will advise students/parents when each student is likely to be ready. Lessons include all marking and feedback.

Learn about genetics, chemical reactions, forces, electricity and much much more.

Here's what we offer...

  • 1 x weekly live interactive lesson (term time and half terms)
  • Access to video link for 7 days after each lesson (not downloadable)
  • Access to members area to share child’s work and get teacher feedback
  • Optional additional learning activities, in between lessons
  • Weekly worksheets to print and use in the lesson
  • Independent learning activities during Christmas and Easter holidays

Fun lessons lots to do. Great teachers that get the most out of the kids. Really great price for the lessons.

Kate E.



Absolutely amazing. Tried so many different things to support my child’s home education.
Would recommend it to everyone.

Franziska B.



Lisa I just want to say thank you for your groups and hard work. The girls are absolutely loving all the classes. Its such a weight off.

Seema B.



My daughter is 6 and is thriving. The work is fun and challenging enough to keep her stimulated. The lessons are professionally delivered, organised and fun.

Krystal R.


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