Play the Ocarina Ages 6-13 Thursday 11am

Fun for all ages, your child will delight in learning the ocarina! Known as one of the easiest instruments to play, you can start to pick up tunes straight away and feel a sense of achievement after just one lesson!

Eco Champions Ages 4-9 Thursday 10am

In Eco Champions we learn how to do the best by our planet through engaging activities and creative projects. We cover topics such as recycling, composting, foraging and sourcing our essentials closer to home and making sustainable choices in our daily lives, and we have plenty of fun along the way!

Once Upon a Story Ages 4 - 7 Thursday 10am

In Once Upon a Story your child will learn how to perform well known stories as well as stories of their own, using actions and signs to organise the story and develop important early literacy skills and confidence.

Dyslexia Support Group (FOR PARENTS) Wednesday 7.30pm

Having dyslexia can be challenging. Join this supportive and inspiring group to find out how to best support your child with dyslexia.

GCSE Sociology Ages 12 - 16 Wednesday 1pm

There has never been a better time to study GCSE sociology. With the social impact of the events of the past year affecting all of us, sociologists are fascinated to explore the effects of what has been described as the ‘greatest social experiment of modern times’.

Learning Spanish beginner Monday 4pm

¡Si! In this course I will help you to express your ideas and thoughts from short to more detailed sentences using your Spanish, and to understand in a fun and engaging way through interactive activities, games and more.

Learning Spanish beginner/intermediate Monday 5pm

¡Venga! In this course we will widen your vocabulary topics to help you have a deepened understanding of their basics (greetings, numbers, colours, animals, family, hobbies ect) we will have the same interactive lessons using the listening and speaking skills but also concentrating in writing and reading short sentences.

IGCSE Spanish Tuesday 5pm

¡Vamos! In this course you will study IGCSE Spanish to help you develop your language skills for listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Pre GCSE English skills Ages 12 - 14 Wednesday 2pm

This class is ideal for students who are working on pre GCSE skills for English Language or Literature.

Plant Based Cookery Ages 5 - 15 Wednesday 12pm

Join Chantal for a fun family cooking session and learn to cook exciting plant based snacks and meals. This class is suitable for vegans but also for those who just want to improve their cooking skills and include more meat-free and dairy- free food in their lives!