Creative Stitchers Club (Approx 10 - 16 yrs) Monday 12 pm

Have you always wanted to learn how to cross stitch or how to sew a puppet? How about mending your clothes or crocheting a blanket?

Getting ready for post 16 life Ages 14 – 16 Thursday 6pm

Learn all those things that are never usually given the focus they need! Includes units of work on: How to succeed at exams -knowing your facts is not enough – this unit will help you to learn how to learn, improving mindset, planning a revision timetable, setting goals and learn a variety of differing examination techniques to overcome the common problems of procrastination and feeling overwhelmed as well as how to establish a routine.

Play the Ocarina Ages 6-13 Thursday 11am

Fun for all ages, your child will delight in learning the ocarina! Known as one of the easiest instruments to play, you can start to pick up tunes straight away and feel a sense of achievement after just one lesson.

Eco Champions Ages 4-9 Thursday 10am

In Eco Champions we learn how to do the best by our planet through engaging activities and creative projects. We cover topics such as recycling, composting, foraging and sourcing our essentials closer to home and making sustainable choices in our daily lives, and we have plenty of fun along the way!

Mindful Mandalas Ages 4-10 Friday 12pm

Relax, listen and explore the patterns of nature. Mandalas are ancient symbols that connect us to life and nature. Let’s breathe together, take time and create a mandala that is unique to you.

Classics (Latin, Greek, Archaeology, Ancient History) Ages 7 - 11 Tuesday 12pm

Learn about the languages and lifestyles of the Ancient Greeks and Romans with our fun and engaging Classics course. You will learn to write the Ancient Greek alphabet, how to translate Harry Potter spells and how to become a great Roman leader by following the example of the Emperor Augustus.

Think Like a Philosopher Ages 10 - 14 Wednesday 12pm

What does it mean to exist? What is beauty? Where were our souls before we were born? Ponder some of life's biggest questions in our Think Like a Philosopher classes!

Hands on Maths Ages 5 - 7 Monday 10am

Maths is everywhere... it’s all around us. In this fun and interactive club, we will explore everyday maths, in a “hands on” way.

Hands on Maths Ages 7 - 9 Tuesday 11am

Maths is everywhere... it’s all around us. In this fun and interactive club, we will explore everyday maths, in a “hands on” way.

Hands on Maths Ages 9 - 11 Thursday 11am

Maths is everywhere... it’s all around us. In this fun and interactive club, we will explore everyday maths, in a “hands on” way.

IGCSE Psychology Monday 11am

Have you ever wondered what makes us tick? Then IGCSE Psychology is for you! IGCSE Psychology is an excellent way to give yourself knowledge of how the human mind works, understand social behaviour, and learn about human development.

Dramatize Ages 4 - 7 Tuesday 10am

In Dramatize, you will have a lot of fun through acting, singing and movement. Our classes will help you to develop your creativity, confidence and self expression.

Once Upon a Story Ages 4 - 7 Thursday 10am

In Once Upon a Story your child will learn how to perform well known stories as well as stories of their own, using actions and signs to organise the story and develop important early literacy skills and confidence.

Dyslexia Support Group (FOR PARENTS) Wednesday 7.30pm

Having dyslexia can be challenging. Join this supportive and inspiring group to find out how to best support your child with dyslexia.

Quiz Club (ALL AGE FAMILY FUN) Thursday 10am

A fun and interactive club for the whole family! In this group children will be challenged to research a different topic every week and then complete a fun quiz about the topic in the group sessions.

Primary Science including human biology Ages 9 - 11 Friday 12pm

Explore science in this fun, hands-on practical class. This class is for children who have some basic prior knowledge of primary science and are ready to dive in, with a bit more detail.

Phonics for Beginners Ages 4 - 7 Thursday 12pm

This class is fun and light-hearted with lots of opportunities to “play” with letters and sounds. Each week there is a different phonics focus which you can practice throughout the week.

Arts Award Ages 12 - 16 Thursday 11am

This is for those students who already have a passion for the arts and who would like to aim towards gaining a nationally recognised qualification.

Creative Arts Ages 4 - 10 Friday 12pm

This class is for children who love to make art and express themselves. It is a way to use art to support our mental health and well-being, learn new processes and gain confidence.

Autism Support Group (FOR PARENTS) Monday 7.30pm

If your child has been diagnosed with ASD or you are wondering if they could be on the spectrum, join this supportive group for helpful advice and inspirational ideas. Led by Chantal.