Our classes all take place on Zoom. They vary a lot depending on age and subject but they are all interactive. Our teachers are kind and positive and our central ethos is to make learning fun and build children's confidence as learners. Sometimes the children are listening to the teacher, volunteering to share their ideas (although we never ask someone to do this unless they are comfortable), creating something, playing a game, talking with each other in "breakout rooms", annotating the screen or solving problems. We use "ideas boards" with younger children (an A4 whiteboard) and the "chat" feature with older children to share ideas and allow the teacher to assess. Lessons are upbeat and definitely not boring!

After you have purchased the courses, you will have a "My Courses" tab appear at the top of the website. If you click on "My courses" you will see your courses which can each individually be clicked on. If you scroll down within the course, you will find the "feed", (located to the right of "members") which is where the teacher will share Zoom codes each week and any other information that you need. You can also share pictures of your child's work and ask questions within the feed.

All our courses are £2.50 per family per week with the exception of our GCSE classes which are £5 per young person per week. The price includes 42 lessons a year, any worksheets that are needed for the lessons and optional additional activities/independent study activities. Payment is for membership rather than for classes. We run classes every week except 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks at Easter and 6 weeks in the summer. You can choose to pay weekly or 4-weekly and you can cancel any time. We do not offer refunds because you need to stop your payment, otherwise you still have access to the group and all the member benefits. The system is fully automated, and it will remove you from the group when your payment expires or if your payment fails, so it is important to make sure you have funds in the account you are using so that you do not lose your place. If you wish to switch to a different course, you will need to cancel the course you are signed up for and purchase the new course from our "Online Learning" section. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE TOTAL ANNUAL COST OF A £2.50 A WEEK COURSE IS £130 AND THAT THIS PAYMENT IS DIVIDED INTO 52 EQUAL PAYMENTS OF £2.50, SO YOU DO STILL NEED TO PAY DURING THE 6 WEEK SUMMER HOLIDAY, 2 WEEK CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY AND 2 WEEK EASTER HOLIDAY. THE SAME APPLIES TO OUR GCSE CLASSES. THE FULL PRICE FOR 1 YEAR'S MEMBERSHIP IS £260 WHICH IS DIVIDED INTO 52 WEEKLY PAYMENTS OF £5. This allows us to use direct debits to take payments which are predictable and spreads the cost for you into as low a payment as possible throughout the year. If you decide to leave the course and then rejoin after the holidays, you will be asked to pay for the payments that you have missed, in order to ensure that everyone is paying the full price of the course.

Yes! Our classes are totally inclusive and we will work with you to find the classes that best suit your child's needs and be as flexible as we can with supporting your child's experience within that class. We do need everyone to turn their camera on for a few seconds at the start of the session for our "visual register" but after that, if children prefer to switch their cameras off, that is absolutely fine. Teachers are very aware of the fact that all children are different and different children work at different paces, and we emphasis constantly that it is okay to work at your own pace and that all activities can be continued after the session. Our classes are structured and upbeat but if someone needs to take a break, then they can go and run around or turn the sound off or get a cup of tea - this is home learning, not school! Once you have signed up, we would recommend you send your class teacher a connection request and let him/her know of any additional needs that your child has. Your class teacher will be listed as "organiser" in the group. You can send a connection request and once he/she has seen it and accepted it, you can send a private message from within the website.

Our teachers are mostly experienced and qualified teachers who are specialists in their field. Some of our teachers are not primary or secondary teachers but industry specialists in their fields, for example our play therapy sessions are run by a play therapist, our singing lessons are run by a singing teacher and our social clubs are run by an early years specialist. Our teachers all have one thing in common, which is that they have been carefully selected because they care about children and they know how to inspire children! All new teachers are trained in teaching in a gentle home ed style and we try to make sure it does not feel like school in any way. All of our teachers have an up to date DBS and have been reference checked before starting with us. Over half of our teachers are home-ed parents who started off as customers and wanted to share their passion for learning with us!

Parents are responsible for the care of their children while we are teaching them. That is because, if your child were to fall over or feel unwell, we obviously cannot be there for them. We keep children safe by taking a visual register at the start of each session. This simply means that each child has to turn their camera on (all at the same time) for a few seconds, so that the teacher can verify that everyone in the lesson is a child. Once the teacher can see everyone, anyone that wants to turn their camera off can do so, although we do encourage children to keep their camera on, because it does improve the experience of the lesson - quite simply - it makes it more interactive. If a teacher had any doubt about someone in the lesson he/she would remove them from the session if necessary. This has never had to happen, but it is a precaution.

You can easily access our sessions through a phone or a tablet, but for the best experience, we would recommend a laptop, because it allows your child to see the lesson content and the other children. You do need a webcam, because your child will need to show their face at the beginning of the session. You will need to download Zoom the first time you use it. You will automatically be asked to do this when you try to click on the link to enter the lesson. If you can figure out how to use the interactive pen feature in Zoom (which on a tablet you can use your finger for, and on a laptop, you can use the mouse for), that would be great. You can practise in Zoom before the first session. Naming your child with his/her preferred name, also makes it a lot easier for us to get to know your child and make him/her feel comfortable and welcome. If you are unable to get the interactive pen working or change the name for your child, please do not worry. No-one is going to be made to feel bad!

New children are always welcome, as long as we have spaces available. If there are no spaces available then we will mark the course as "out of stock", so if you are able to buy it, your child is welcome to start. Children will be made to feel welcome and their learning will start from their very first class. If your child is joining a book club, you may want to start within 3 weeks of the start of a new book (unless your child fancies the challenge of catching up with the book!) As soon as your subscription is set up, you will see your courses listed under "My courses" and your child can start.

We do not offer refunds because you are paying for access to the members area. We do not know if you are using the recordings or the worksheets - we hope you are if you are a member! If you are not sure if you want to join a course, we strongly recommend you choose to pay weekly and then stop your membership if it is not right for your child/children. In order to stop your membership and stop paying for your membership, you need to stop your payment, otherwise you still have access to the group and all the member benefits.