Harry Potter clock

Child’s name: Evie

Name of course: Harry Potter Club ages 7 – 13 year olds

Feedback from family: Evie worked super hard at working out how this clock could function. She saw problems before she even created it and solved them in a very practical way. She worked out where the numbers should go. She used the computer to find a good font for the numbers. She did so much! She had a vision of what she wanted the clock to look like and carried it out. She has never really seen a project like this through before so I am really proud that she put in the effort and has something really beautiful and unique to hang in her room.

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Courtney Giles

That is a fantastic clock! Brilliant work Evie – I love the font you’ve chosen!

Keely-Caid and Aria

This is beautiful! I love the colours

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