The Schools Bill

Most of you will have heard of the government’s proposed Schools Bill which is currently being discussed in the House of Lords. It suggests many changes for children’s education and amongst other things, proposes compulsory registration for Home Educated children. LLP is against the compulsory registration for Home Educators and feels that the Schools Bill is very vague in what other changes it could mean for Home Education once this register is in place.

The Bill is very vague about what other information local authorities can request about home educated children. It also suggests that those who teach home educated kids should be registered and should share information on the children they educate. This is something we are particularly concerned about at LLP too.

To find out more about the Schools Bill and how it could affect you:

What you can do to make your views known:

  • Write to a member of the House of Lords with your views on the bill. CLICK HERE 
  • Send a letter to your your local MP with your views on the Bill.
  • Sign a petition. There are a number of online and hand signed petitions being co-ordinated and circulated at present on local Home Education FaceBook groups.
  • Tell everyone you know to read the bill and think about how it might affect their children/grandchildren (it will affect school children too!!) so that lots more people stand against it!
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