100 Club Membership – please visit the Community group in order to purchase this item.

£5.25 / month

Membership of our 100 club is only available to our Community Members. Please visit our “Community age” to find out more.


Win up to £300!!

Pay £5 a month to help us to help home education families in crisis!!


How does the Learn Laugh Play 100 club membership work?

The Learn Laugh Play 100 club membership has been set up to create a fund to help home ed families in crisis and to provide our community members with the chance to win a nice cash sum every month. Ask your children who are studying probability – a 1 in 100 chance is pretty good!

Families in need can apply directly to Learn Laugh Play for help with anything connected to learning and emotional support for the  family.  Payments will be given for specific items or services and proof of need and of purchase will be needed. All information apart from the names of the recipients will be shared, so there will be total transparency.  Awards are given on a case by case discretionary basis. Long term members of Learn Laugh Play classes will be given priority.

Payment towards being a 100 club member costs £5.25 a month. 25p of this goes to the payment provider that processes all payments on this website.

On the last day of each month, a winner will be drawn randomly, and prizes and crisis fund money allocated as follows:

If there are 100 members in the 100 club – the winner will win £300 and £200 will be allocated to a home ed family in need.

If there are between 20 and 99 members in the 100 club – £5 per member X amount of members will be divided as  follows – 60% of this money will be given as a prize to the winner. 40% will be allocated to a home ed family in need.

For example, if there are 30 members paying £5 then the total of 15o will be split as follows – £90 prize to the winner, £60 to a home ed family in need.

If there are 19 or less members in the 100 club, then the total members mutliplied by £3 will be given as a prize.

For example if there were 10 members the prize would be £50 (10 x £5).

Members are welcome to donate their prize but the intention is that they will keep it and use it to fulful their own home ed needs, whatever they may be!

Good luck in our first 100 club draw on 31st May!


Add to cart and purchase your 100 club membership and you will be automatically added to the nexisting month’s draw. You can cancel your membership in your accont at any time, although we would appreciate you letting us know, so we can allocate the place to someone else.

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