Confidence in Maths (Approx 13 – 15 yrs) Wednesday 11am

£2.50£10.00 / week


For children who know the basics and are working towards GCSE Maths.  A natural progression from our “Maths – Stress – Happy” class and an introduction into GCSE level work.

Wednesday 11.00 am

This course will provide a solid base for students hoping to complete their GCSE. This is the opportunity to ensure that children have a solid understanding of all the basic mathematical concepts so that they are ready to progress onto the GCSE course.   This course introduces and covers the lower levels of GCSE work  so is ideal for those that are not quite at GCSE level.

This course is suitable as a stand-alone course but can also be taken in addition to our Maths-Stress = Happy for those children who are still benefiting from Maths – Stress = Happy but are ready to be stretched a little further.  Likewise this course is suitable to be taken in addition to our GCSE Maths course for students who are ready to prepare for GCSE Maths but need some extra support and practice.

CIM Topics 2021-2022



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