GCSE Sociology (AQA) Wednesday 1pm

Day: Wednesday

Time: 1 pm

Suggested age: 12 – 16 years old


  • Sociology G.C.S.E. (AQA) 1- 2 year course.
  • 1 x weekly live interactive lesson (term time and half terms)
  • Access to video link for 7 days after each lesson (not downloadable)
  • Access to members area to share child’s work and get teacher feed back
  • Optional additional learning activities, in between lessons
  • Weekly worksheets to print and use in the lesson
  • Independent learning activities during Christmas and Easter holidays


All of our G.C.S.E and I.G.C.S.E courses offer a rolling curriculum. So you can join at any time and do our course within a full year (for some subjects such as History and Spanish, it takes two years to complete the curriculum from starting). Taking the exam after a year will be dependent on a child’s ability, knowledge and level of independent work undertaken. Some children may need to stay on for a longer period to ensure they are ready for the exam.

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There has never been a better time to study GCSE sociology. With the social impact of the events of the past year affecting all of us, sociologists are fascinated to explore the effects of what has been described as the ‘greatest social experiment of modern times’. Many students say that what they particularly love about the study of sociology is that everybody can relate to the topics that are covered. For example, we all have differing experiences of childhood and families, and all of us cannot help but be influenced by the growing tentacles of the media which increasingly infiltrates modern life. Perhaps you are interested in what makes people become criminals, or the growing class divide in education? Sociology has it all! A GCSE in sociology doesn’t feel like hard work, there is always a new perspective to consider, or a question open to debate! It is not surprising that so many students go on to study Sociology post 16, leading to careers in the Prison service, Counselling and Psychotherapy, and Social Work to name but a few.      



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