Getting ready for post 16 life course Ages 14 – 16 Monday 10am

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Learn all those things that are never usually given the focus they need!

Includes units of work on:

How to succeed at exams -knowing your facts is not enough – this unit will help you to learn how to learn, improving mindset, planning a revision timetable, setting goals and learn a variety of differing examination techniques to overcome the common problems of procrastination and feeling overwhelmed as well as how to establish a routine.

How to apply to university –  from choosing the right university to preparing your personal statement, this unit of the course will be essential for anyone who is interested in finding out if university is for them, and if it is, how to get there. Get personalised advice on your application process.

Exploring career options – if you are not sure if higher education is for you, or if you definitely know that it isn’t, explore other career options and alternatives – how to get an apprenticeship, what jobs are likely to pay well and be rewarding for you.

Teen coaching unit – providing an alternative safe environment away from parents, to focus on topics as led by the group but to include developing a positive mindset, setting goals for the future, helping with organisation and time keeping, building resilience, academic support.

How to become an independent and capable adult – can you wire a plug, cook a simple meal, budget your money and open a bank account? All of these skills and much more will be covered throughout this course.





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