IGCSE Double Science (EdExcel) Monday 1pm

Day: Monday

Time: 1pm

Suggested age: 12 – 16 years old


  • Double Science  I.G.C.S.E. Ed Excel exam board 1-2 year course.
  • 1 x weekly live interactive lesson (term time and half terms)
  • Access to video link for 7 days after each lesson (not downloadable)
  • Access to members area to share child’s work and get teacher feed back
  • Optional additional learning activities, in between lessons
  • Weekly worksheets to print and use in the lesson
  • Independent learning activities during Christmas and Easter holidays


All of our G.C.S.E and I.G.C.S.E courses offer a rolling curriculum. So you can join at any time and do our course within a full year (for some subjects such as History and Spanish, it takes two years to complete the curriculum from starting). Taking the exam after a year will be dependent on a child’s ability, knowledge and level of independent work undertaken. Some children may need to stay on for a longer period to ensure they are ready for the exam.

Learn Laugh Play is a Learning Partner of Tutors and Exams, who have exam centres across England. As a partner, all our candidates that study with us and then go onto book the exam through them are entitled to their “Partner fee” as opposed to the Private candidate fee. Tutors and exams offer an Autumn, Spring and Summer series of exams and you can also book access arrangements through them too. You do not need to book your exams through Tutors and Exams. You are welcome to find an alternative centre that accepts external candidates. It is important to make sure that the exam centre provides the facility to sit the correct exam board/paper.



Prepare for the double Science IGCSE aiming to achieve grades 6-9, with fun and challenging weekly lessons. All aspects of the Edexcel curriculum will be covered in rotation. There is an expectation that your child will need to do 60 – 90 minutes of extra learning each week in order to be ready to sit the exam within a year. Join at any time as the curriculum will be repeated, so whatever has been missed will be retaught. All of the content will be covered through interactive and interesting lessons where learners can deepen their understanding of the world around us through the study of Biology, Chemistry and Physic’s. The teacher will advise students/parents when each student is likely to be ready. Lessons include all marking and feedback. Learn about genetics, chemical reactions, forces, electricity and much much more.  



Please be aware that you are signing up for an ongoing membership.  Payment gives you ongoing access to the member’s area and everything in the member’s area.  


If you are not sure whether your child will want to attend the course for 4 weeks or more, we strongly recommend you choose the option to pay weekly so that you have the option to cancel at any time. You can cancel in your My Account section under Subscriptions

Choose to pay weekly or once every 4 weeks and sign up now!



Once your direct debit is set up, this course will automatically appear when you are logged into the website under the “My Courses” tab.  Here you will have access to the Zoom code and everything else you need, in the members area “Feed”.