Kitchen Sink Science (All ages welcome from 4 – 15!) Friday 1pm

£2.50 / week

Every Friday 1 pm

All ages welcome.

Explore scientific ideas in an exciting, practical way using easily obtainable items from around the house. Discover how plants reproduce and how they transport substances, see fizzy and colourful chemical reactions, investigate dynamics using a famous experiment by Galileo and many more.

Learn new skills, and have fun in these fully interactive and engaging sessions.

These fun sessions are suitable for children from 4 years old with parental support.  Children up to the age of 15 will be challenged to learn important skills as a scientist and apply them.  3 distinct learning layers are provided that you and your child can choose from, depending on his/her age, interest and understanding.

Explore level allows children of all ages to have a go and take part in the practical element.  Investigate level takes the practical element a bit further and encourages children to think and talk about what they did and how the results were achieved.  Analyse level is for older and more advanced children to start to apply scientific principles and make important learning connections.




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