Maths – Stress = Happy (Approx 9 – 12 yrs) Tuesday 12 pm

£2.50£10.00 / week

Learning simple techniques to secure a confident level of mathematical skills

Tuesday at 12 noon.  

The Maths – Stress = Happy sessions are designed to help children understand when they see a Maths problem, what they have to do and how to do it.  If children are given the tools and a lot of reassurance and practise, they can stop feeling anxious about maths, and start feeling good! 

All sessions are based on learning a simple technique using very simple numbers and then practising at the appropriate level.  Prntables with different level problems will be available and children will be encouraged to learn the technique and feel confident with simple maths problems before progressing.  Nothing will be public or scary – there is no need to worry about feeling exposed as your child can work independently and even keep their camera off if they so wish! There is a lot of serious maths in these sessions within the context of fun activities and a positive atmosphere.

These classes are suitable for children who are unsure of maths or have gaps in their knowledge or want to learn new clever skills to help them with their future maths.   

The approach in this course will be light-hearted and fun but the children will gain confidence in their ability to solve maths problems. 

​Depending on the ability and confidence of the child, this course is suitable as a stand alone course for children ages 9 – 12.  Children who are struggling with Maths might also benefit from joining our Mathematic Strides course for ages 7 – 9.  Children who are confident in most of the Maths – Stress = Happy course, would benefit from taking both the Maths – Stress = Happy Course and the Confidence in Maths course.​



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