Public speaking, debate and drama club Ages 12 – 16 Tuesday 1pm

£2.50£10.00 / week

This class allows children to practise public speaking in a fun and non-threatening environment.  Each child can develop at their own speed – so if reading out a four line poem is where he/she is at – this will be celebrated, but other children might be creating their own character, writing a monologue and performing it.  Regular debating topics to encourage the children to really think about building an argument and learning how to present it convincingly.  These skills are great for building confidence and how to present yourself with confidence in the new “Zoom world” that we live it, but the class is equally good for building essay writing skills, as children learn to construct an argument.  There will be lots of fun, some role play and lots of opportunities to socialise and build friendships in this group.



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