Music in Motion (Approx 3 – 7 yrs) Thursday 4 pm

£2.50 / week

Learn some fantastic songs, dance along, sing for joy, sing for fun!

Starting 25th February

Every Thursday 4pm

Music is so good for the mind, body and spirit! There are countless social, physical, psychological, musical and educational benefits of singing in childhood and adolescence. Through singing we can develop communication skills, concentration skills, improved brain health, teamwork skills and self-expression. An uplifting singing session also releases endorphins which lowers stress levels and improves mood – and we can all benefit from that!

The fun and engaging Music in Motion sessions with experienced musician and vocal leader Christa cater for all levels, from the apprehensive singer to the wannabe pop star! There is no right or wrong in Christa’s sessions – all that matters is that you have fun and enjoy discovering your unique voice!

The sessions will include:

• Fun physical warm ups

• Rounds

• Tongue twisters

• Simply body percussion

• Superstar talent spots – opportunities to perform

• Writing and performing our own raps

• Beatboxing

• Writing songs together

• Opportunities for parents and family to get involved

• Action songs

• Kitchen/household percussion

• Make-your-own percussion

• And much more!


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