Writers (Approx 12 – 16 yrs) Wednesday 11 am

£2.50£10.00 / week

Writers is a course for preteens and teens of all abilities.  Each session children are encouraged to think about and practise a specific writing skill, within the context of a fun group activity. Children are given structure and time to focus on each idea so that all ability writers feel confident to share their ideas on paper.   More confident writers can use the skills they are learning in the session to really hone and develop their own writing style. This session is relaxed and fun, with a strong emphasis on children gaining confidence and enjoying learning to write! We do not focus on spelling, grammar or handwriting because it is important that the child feels free to express their ideas (the important bit!)  All children have the option to review their writing after the session and work on spelling, grammar or handwriting but they do not have to if they do not want to.

Microphones are kept off apart from if someone wants to read out their writing.  Camera can be on or off, depending on child’s preference. Chat function is a great way for the children to interact, share ideas and answer any questions.



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