This is a festival field with amazing facilities, but it is not a standard campsite with identical pitches laid out.  Places in the various areas for accommodation are first come first served! Please pitch your tent mindfully – you cannot reserve the whole field for one family!

Children need to be supervised by parents.  Learn Laugh Play are responsible for providing all of the activities, but we are not responsible for childcare – that is the parent’s responsibility at all times. If you let your older child go off with friends unsupervised, make sure you know where they are going and who with and check up on them regularly!

The timetable is not compulsary but is designed to maximise your child’s opportunities for fun and socialising so it would be good if you could encourage them to be a part of the group activities.  There will be regular free time slots for people to have some chill out time and choose what to do. There are plenty of options on site to explore during these times including our bell tent area with a bell tent for toddlers, reading, crafting, photo both, buying treats, the lawn games area and the teen/tween teepee.The Marquee is a great place to come and chill, get a coffee and relax hopefully while your children play!

Well behaved dogs can come if you cannot find a dog sitter however, they must be on a leash at all times.  If your dog needs a run, you will need to leave the site before you can take them off their lead. Dogs cannot be left unsupervised in your accommodation.  Dog poo obviously needs to be picked up to keep the venue clean for children to play.  It is a family festival and some children tend to go up to a dog while their parents backs are turned and others are scared of dogs. It is also an area of natural beauty with deer and birdlife, so you will need to keep an eye on your furry friend even though they are on the lead!  Dogs prone to barking are not welcome as it could scare some of the children/annoy other festival goers.  If your dog is barking in the early hours, you will need to get up and take him or her off of the campsite so that other families can sleep!

Parents – please keep an eye on your children around dogs and make sure they know not to approach other people’s dogs.

We will be following government guidelines with regard to covid regulations at the time of the festival and will advise you accordingly re hand sanitising areas and if and when you need to wear a mask and any other important information. 

Should our timetable need to change in order to adapt to govenrment guidelines we will let you know.

Should we find out that it is not possible to run the festival due to Covid, all bookings will be secured for the first week in September 2022 and the festival will go ahead a year later than planned. This means that refunds cannot be given as the venue and all of the extra activities will already be paid for for the following year.



Toilets, showers and washing stations for bowls etc can be found around the site. Hot water is available.  A map of all areas of the campsite will be sent out in a welcome pack a week before the festival.

A full list of suggested items to bring will be emailed to all Festival go-ers nearer the event.