Scroll down or use the links below to view all our lessons for 3 to 5 year olds.


Monday 9.30AM

Monday Morning Motivate

Free with Community Membership – start the week all together for some sharing, some motivation and of course the chance to have Happy Birthday sung to you and some cards sent, if your birthday is coming up!

Monday 12PM

Exploring Nature

Learn about nature and get creative with nature. Weekly “get outside” activities between classes, sharing your finds, making things and interacting with nature as you learn.


Tuesday 5PM

Feel Good Club

Make friends and feel good!  A focus on exploring mental wellbeing each week and  plenty of time to connect in small groups, make friends and practise social  skills. This is a very welcoming group.


Wednesday 10AM

Craft Club

Time to get crafty! learn new skills each week and create something wonderful that is all your own – something to be really proud of!

Wednesday 11AM

Early Readers

Stage 5 + 6 phonics, Oxford Reading Tree 1 – 4 words – fun and games!

Wednesday 12PM

Phonics Fun

Stages 1 – 4 phonics – lots of games and fun ways to practise these important early skills. A huge amount of ideas and activities that can be used again and again in the week!


Thursday 10AM

Eco Champions

In Eco Champions we learn how to do the best by our planet through engaging activities and creative projects. We cover topics such as recycling, composting, foraging and sourcing our essentials closer to home and making sustainable choices in our daily lives, and we have plenty of fun along the way!

Thursday 11AM

Around the World

Understanding how we are all diffferent but all the same! Fun hands-on Geography for 5 – 7 year olds, which goes into fascinating fun detail about one country at a time – the people, traditions, myths, music, popular culture, landscape and wildlife, food, and more. 

Thursday 12PM

Animal Care Club

If you have a pet or a pet that you can borrow, this class is all about how to care for a pet.
It will cover building a relationship with your pet, how to care for your pet, how to play with
your pet, making toys and treats, writing about your pet, celebrating your pet’s birthday,
exploring different breeds of different animals and how to cope when a pet dies.

Thursday 5PM

Music in Motion

Gain confidence, have some fun, learn all sorts of musical skills and sing your heart out. 


Friday 10am

Story Explorers

Picture Book club for young readers. This club focuses on one brilliant picture book every 4 – 6 weeks, to inspire a love of reading and confdence to read. Lots of fun activities to help understand characters, story themes, setting etc.

Friday 10am

Explore, Create, Express!

Weekly session with our Play Therapist, Carol. Learn to express emotions, breathe through difficult emotions, use affirmations and feel good. Each week the children go on a therapeutic journey and use this journey to then express their emotions using  a variety of resources.